Message from Vice Chancellor Reese: TAPS Changes

November 26, 2014


I am writing to inform you of several important Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) changes, including parking permit renewals taking effect this fall.

Parking remains an enormous challenge for our campus. Demand continues to outpace availability. This situation is likely to continue until construction begins on the 2020 Project.

However, we are pleased that through effective management and new innovations, we can continue to guarantee parking on campus for all faculty, staff and eligible students who desire it, though not necessarily by location. We ask for your understanding.

Parking Renewals. The annual parking permit renewal period will commence in late August. For the upcoming 2014-15 academic year, there will be a $1 a month rate increase across all permit types in order for parking to meet its costs as a self-supporting auxiliary. This increase was recommended by the Transportation and Parking Services Advisory Committee, advisory to myself and Chancellor Dorothy Leland. The new rates are reflected as follows:


  13-14 14-15
Reserved $94 $95
Preferred $67 $68
Regular $31  $32


To make the renewal process more convenient, online renewals will be available for those wishing to purchase Preferred and Regular Permits (North Bowl and commuter lots).

TAPS has set a ratio to allot only a small number of permits more than spaces in Preferred parking locations. Preferred permit types will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to faculty, staff and eligible graduate students.

Library Lot 1. As our campus continues to expand, parking and lot/space allocation must continue to be assessed. This fall we will reallocate spaces in Library Lot 1 to accommodate the growing need for more high-mobility spaces for faculty and staff as well as for van pool vehicles. Full-day parking spaces will be shifted into the adjacent Library Lot 2.

High-Mobility Use Parking Permit. In addition to offering the University Business permits, TAPS will roll out a new high-mobility use parking permit for some faculty and staff members. EasyPark Personal Parking Meters (PPMs) are in-vehicle devices that allow for easy-to-use electronic parking payment — paying for the exact period of time parked. For added convenience, UB and PPM parking spaces will be available in Library Lot 1 and Le Grand lots.

Fleet Services. TAPS is collaborating with a new outside vendor to assist Fleet Services with repairs and maintenance on our campus fleet. This new pilot program should result in cost savings and more efficient service operations for our fleet customers.

TAPS will send out communications in the upcoming weeks with more detailed information regarding the parking-permit-renewal process, important dates and additional information on these and other new TAPS initiatives.

Thank you for your continued support, and we welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,

Michael Reese

Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services