Message from Vice Chancellor Michael Reese Regarding Changes in Facilities Management

May 7, 2014


I am writing to inform you about several important changes in Facilities Management.

Effective March 3, current Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management Graeme Mitchell will assume the new title of Assistant Vice Chancellor of Strategic Facilities Planning to focus on the 2020 Project. As the campus¹ top priority, the 2020 Project demands both a full-time strategic effort from a facilities management perspective as well as clear leadership over sustainability, another key campus priority that has become a systemwide initiative under President Janet Napolitano. These campus needs go to Graeme¹s strengths as a thoughtful and forward-looking professional with the varied experience and skill sets necessary for understanding what it will take to make the 2020 Project a reality.

Graeme has made huge contributions to UC Merced during his one year on campus. I am confident that he will make many more in a new role that focuses his full attention on UC Merced¹s future.

In the meantime, we must tend to the day-to-day management of the campus¹s physical needs.  We are fortunate that in Director of Campus Services Tibor Toth, we have someone with the vision, skills and temperament to step in as acting assistant vice chancellor of Facilities Management.  In this new role, Tibor will oversee day-to-day campus services, physical plant, energy, operations and transportation.

He will be supported by a very strong leadership team, including current Director of Facilities Operations Tony Smullen, who as part of this reorganization will assume the Executive Director title with new responsibilities over the Transportation and Parking Services unit headed by Karin Groth. Tony work with Karin to build on the strong foundation already established by Karin and her team to implement recommendations being developed by outside consultants to improve parking, transit and fleet at UC Merced and to continue to review mechanisms for the appropriate funding of these operations.

These organizational changes reflect the necessity to focus both on the campus¹s day-to-day facilities needs as well as on the exciting future that Chancellor Leland is leading us toward.  In Graeme, Tibor and Tony -- as well as the rest of the leadership teams and their staffs -- I believe we now have in place both the talent and structure to accomplish this. Please join me in congratulating them on their new challenges.


Michael Reese
Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services